A Little About Me

   Hello! Thank you for spending a few moments to get know who I am a little more.  

I'm very thankful for all that God has done in my life.  Blessed with 2 beautiful, intelligent, funny, overly energetic daughters makes me a very happy (and often tired) daddy.  I absolutely love my girls!  But ladies, is it me or does it seem my girls have an ability to get whatever they want from me?  Let's hope they don't abuse their super powers! 


   I've been married for.....   Wait, I know this.  Fellas, tattoo this one!  Let's just say our marriage has been seasoned well.  Crazy how the girl in elementary school became my best friend, wife, and partner in crime for life.

   I've always had this itch to create.  I've had my hands in poetry, song writing, and creating music.  So eventually I discovered another creative outlet using photography. My love for creating images really started out with landscapes and below are just a few of my favorite images.   

There's just something about taking in the beauty around us and I appreciate how photography has a way of making sure we don't take things for granted.  I enjoy taking my camera to remote places, chasing storms with it, and taking photos from the edge of cliffs!  Even though I don't really like heights. :)

This passion naturally spread into weddings and I couldn't be happier!  You have to be so well rounded to shoot a wedding and shoot it well.  Almost every type of photography is involved and I love it!

   I feel so incredibly fortunate to have worked alongside some brilliant photographers who have taught me things formal education could not have.  Their experience, expertise, and excellence in which they pour their hearts into photography have been tremendous in helping me perfect my craft.  I have been blessed to have had images awarded in competitions and I'm motivated to continue to create the most beautiful and authentic images we can.  I continue to pursue my love for photography through online education taught by other highly influential professionals in the photography world and by attending photography related seminars and events both here in Hawaii and across the ocean.  

A photographer's work is never done because there are always incredible moments waiting to be captured... hopefully the next moments I get to see unfold in front of my camera are yours!

   Thank you again for visiting and I look forward to hearing from you!

Aloha!  Keoni



Here are just a few things I enjoy. 

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