How to choose your Wedding Photographer

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     I love this photo above!  Look at all those photographers, with their professional grade equipment, looking all handsome, excited to share their work with you, in hopes that they can shoot your amazing wedding day. Now this is pretty awesome don't you think?  You have your choice of all these wedding photographers with so many different pictures, packages, websites, products, styles, promises and accolades.

There's a lot of advice out there for weddings and what to look for in a wedding photographer is definitely one of them.  So I thought I'd share my ideas and what I've learned over the years with you.  I'm sure you'll find this guide useful and I hope you connect with an amazing wedding photographer! 

     Now all you gotta do is pick one, right?  It kind of reminds me of going to a restaurant where the menu is 100 pages long and I keep asking for another minute.  Too many options, I can't choose, all of it sounds good, or maybe I have no idea where to start.  Well, let's narrow it down before we even get to the restaurant shall we.  We'll use the things I believe are most important when considering who to hire as your wedding photographer. Ready? Great! Let's get started.






A photographer's images seems pretty obvious right?  Some may disagree, but I don't think you should get caught up in a certain "Style".  These style terms get thrown around so loosely now that they've pretty much lost their meaning.  I'd hate to see you focusing on looking for a photojournalistic, candid, traditional, editorial type of photographer and end up missing the most important thing about any image... the moments and emotions, the little details, the venue and the people in it.  How well they captured these elements can tell a great deal about the skill of a wedding photographer, their thought process and how well they anticipated those moments.  Rather than looking for a only certain style of photography, I want to encourage you to look at the consistency of their work.  How were the moments captured?  How comfortable and natural did the couple look in the photos?  Can you sense any emotion coming from the images?  Can you describe the feeling of that moment?  Was it real to you?  I think these are great things to think about first. Then before you know it, you'll find yourself drawn to someone's wedding photography. Then that'll become YOUR style because you get excited about the creativity they have while capturing these moments.

You don't need to stress about the technical styles, just remember you love it and that's more than enough.


Okay, so you've found a wedding photographer whose images you like and you're excited about.  How much of an investment will it be?  Wherever the price point is, it's important to remember cheap (or free) isn't always a good thing. I'm sure we've had experiences where we bought something, got burned, and wished we spent more for a better brand.  Just do an internet search for where brides wished they had invested more into for their wedding and you'll see an overwhelming amount say wedding photography.  We're talking about a once-in-a-lifetime event with no do-overs.  Now I'm not saying higher prices equal better quality and service.  So regardless of price, their pictures have to speak for themselves and the customer service should be solid from the very beginning!  There is a higher premium on  quality of work because of the skill level, talent, and experience needed to come together and capture images that are breath-taking and timeless. Your venue could be fabulous, the flowers oh, so pretty.  The food amazing, the decor and colors you chose incredibly beautiful, and the two of you absolutely stunning!  But a photographer without a well trained eye and a lack of consistency in their work can leave all of that a blur.  Blur... haha!  You see what I did there? Sorry big dork!

Investing in one of the only things from your wedding that'll grow in value over time is definitely worth it for your children and future grandchildren. 



This should be what seals the deal for you.  You love their work, you're ready to invest into a lifetime of memories, and now it comes the time to book them before someone else does right?  Well, almost.  The prior two will be somewhat meaningless if you don't like or can't bond with your wedding photographer.  I think it'll be nearly impossible to create anything amazing if your personalities don't mesh.  It'll be like trying to talk to each other in different languages.  It's important to be able to put others at ease which isn't the easiest thing when you're pointing a huge camera at someone.  Your family will be there and if they're anything like mine, your photographer will definitely need to be adaptable. :) We'll be shadowing your every move, and the more comfortable both of you are with your wedding photographer, the more natural and better your photos will turn out.  

Whenever possible you should definitely meet face to face with your potential wedding photographer, whether that's in person or online.




You might have other things you value and want to consider which is great!  I believe the 3 mentioned above will definitely start you in the right direction when finding your Hawaii wedding photographer.  I hope this helps and if you have any questions or would like to contact me for any information, feel free to send me a message HERE.

Aloha!  Keoni